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iPhone 5 new connector could get adaptor to save your dock

The new iPhone is getting a smaller socket on the bottom, but a special adaptor could save your docks.

The new iPhone is getting a smaller socket on the bottom -- which is bad news for your cables, docks and speakers. Fortunately iMore reports that Apple plans a special adaptor to save your docks.

Leaked photos reveal the new iPhone is expected to feature a new 19-pin connector port in the bottom for charging and connecting to your computer or audio accessory, such as an iPod dock or speakers. The problem is those accessories and all your existing cables match the larger 30-point dock found in iPhones, iPads and iPods over the last few years.

That means all those cables and accessories could be obsolete when you upgrade to a new iPhone -- unless Apple includes an adaptor. I hope it has a smiley face like the micro-USB adapter, pictured above.

Why would Apple deliberately ruin all the accessories you already own? Even the smallest saving of space inside a phone makes a difference, allowing more space for a battery or other components like a 4G chip, all squeezed into a thinner case. Of course, a cynic would argue that Apple gets to sell you new cables and accessories all over again.

An adaptor would prove the cynics wrong, but I can't help being dubious about the possibility of Apple chucking in an adapter. An extra doohickey just to make your phone carry out basic tasks is a decidedly un-Apple move, and hardly fits with the 'it just works' principle. I can't see Steve Jobs approving extra bits and pieces in the box.

More likely, Apple will sell an adaptor separately, meaning you won't have to buy a bunch of new docks and speakers, but it'll still cost you. Like the man said, if they ain't got you one way they've got you another.

Other space-saving measures in the new iPhone include a smaller nano-SIM, as well as a potentially slimmer screen design. Leaked photos also reveal that the iPhone 5 will sport a 16:9 widescreen display when turned sideways for watching movies without black bars, which will make the phone longer and could stop it fitting into docks and accessories with enclosed slots for the phone.

Pocket-lint reports that Apple are quietly encouraging dock builders to move to wireless connection between phone and speakers to avoid being left behind by changes such as these.

Would you shell out for an adaptor to save your dock, or is Apple ripping you off? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.