iPhone 5 gets nano-SIM, slimmer screen in Phone News video

Natasha discusses all the latest iPhone 5 rumours in this week's Phone News video.

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Natasha Lomas
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Watch this: Phone News: iPhone 5 to get nano-SIM

It's Tuesday which can only mean one thing: it's Phone News day! Except of course on days when we put the show out on Thursdays -- but hey, here at CNET UK Towers we're as flexible as an unskinned Android.

So what regurgitated titbits of phone and tablet related scuttlebutt have we got in store for you this week? Phone News kicks off with a smorgasbord of Apple-related titbits -- including rumours that European mobile operators are stockpiling nano-SIMs ahead of a mooted autumn unveiling of the iPhone 5.

Nano-SIMs are around 40 per cent smaller than the already fingernail-sized micro-SIMs Apple uses in the iPhone 4 and 4S -- meaning Apple would get a few extra millimetres to play with, perhaps so it can cram in stuff lots of its rivals are already playing with, like NFC.

Apple will need all the extra space it can get if another iPhone 5 rumour is true. The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple's next iPhone will sport new screen technology that integrates the display's touch sensors into the LCD panel to allow it to be thinner -- and the entire phone slimmer. Doubtless Apple would describe this as 'incredibly slimmerlutionary', or something.

This week's show also touches on fresh reports that Steve Jobs thought 7-inch tablets were absolute toilet. Or good for nothing "besides surfing the web in the bathroom".

There's also some less than encouraging noises for Android lovers who own the HTC Desire HD. This venerable Gingerbread-flavoured smart phone, which gained a full four and a half CNET UK stars when we reviewed it back in 2010, was being lined up for an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade but -- tissues at the ready! -- may not be getting ICS after all. Boo hiss!

According to the AndroidGuys blog, who got hold of a document released by a Canadian mobile operator, HTC has canned the upgrade because of poor device performance during testing. Some commenters on our story reckon this only affects Canadian operator Telus, but HTC has yet to confirm either way.

To watch this week's Phone News round-up and see our take on all these phoney rumours and other handset jibber-jabber, click on the video player above. And don't forget to tell us what you think of the show in the comments below -- or scribble all over our Facebook wall.