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iPhone 5 charger cable pictured, shows itsy-bitsy connector

Another day, another iPhone 5 component gets snapped! This time it's the redesigned charging cable.

Another day, another tiny bit of Apple's next iPhone gets photographed -- check out the above snap, which purports to show the iPhone 5's redesigned charging cable, including the new teeny tiny connector.

iLounge spied the picture, which has been prolifically tweeted by someone seemingly representing cable company While there's no way of knowing whether the snap genuinely shows the next iPhone's power funnel, the cable in the picture certainly chimes with an earlier leaked image.

Images showing the new, much more miniature charging component surfaced recently -- comparing that first picture with the latest leak, it looks like the earlier image also shows the white casing that'll surround the connector like a protective mother bear.

It's also been noted that the new connector is reminiscent of one existing bit of Apple kit, and that's the USB recovery stick that comes bundled with the MacBook Air.

While I'm yet to see this tiny connector actually plugged into the next iPhone, size-wise it does look to match the leaked socket that was recently attached to leaked bits of casing.

Absolutely nothing regarding the iPhone 5's hardware has been confirmed by Tim Cook and cohorts, so it's sensible to take every leak with a pinch of salt. That said, with so many corroborating bits of evidence, we can make a fair guess at what Apple will unveil.

The launch event is rumoured to take place in a few weeks' time, on 12 September. Hit play on the video below to learn everything we already know. Will you be happy if the next iPhone just has a slightly bigger screen, or are you hoping for something more? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Veister