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iPhone 5: 2/3 of iPhone 4 owners will buy, survey

Demand for the next Apple handset is unprecedented, according to a survey, with 66% of iPhone 4 owners saying they'll upgrade. Ker-ching.

If you're looking forward the iPhone 5, you're not alone. A staggering 2/3 of iPhone 4 owners are planning on buying the next incarnation of Apple's iconic iPhone, according to a survey. Apple must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Those carrying out the survey asked 2,200 people in early August whether they were likely to buy the new iPhone, and 66% of iPhone 4 owners said they were very/somewhat likely to buy the handset. The iPhone 4 has only been out for 15 months, though now we're expecting yearly updates, that's quite old for a phone.

It wasn't just iPhone owners who were asked though. Demand was up among non-iPhone owners, with 31% of respondents saying they were very/somewhat likely to buy the iPhone 5, up from 25% who professed similar intentions before the iPhone 4 launch.

The survey also showed people strongly favouring the iPad 2 over any other tablet, with 85% of all respondents looking for a tablet intending to the buy an iPad. That's some major moolah Apple is about to get its hands on.

The survey was carried out by RBC Capital and ChangeWave, and led to the former's Mike Abramsky to raise his predicted iPhone 5 sales for the first quarter of 2012 to 27 million units, up from 24.4 million before the survey. Could be bang on the money, if reports Apple's factory is churning out 4.5 million units a month is correct.

The iPhone 5 is set to launch in October, according to reports, with staff being trained in anticipation, network execs letting slip details, fake sites detailing the specs, and even a nostalgic Apple employee reliving last year's drama by losing a prototype in a bar.

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