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iPhone 4S on sale in the UK this Friday at 8am

The iPhone 4S goes on sale at 8am this Friday, while pre-orders for the phone have already topped 1 million.

The iPhone 4S will be on sale in the UK this Friday, 14 October, at 8am -- across all 33 of Apple's UK retail stores.

That's just four days away, so if you were planning on joining the queue for the new version of Apple's smart phone, you should start trying to remember where you left your sleeping bag.

The iPhone 4S has topped 1 million pre-orders in a single day, which Apple says is a record, trouncing the single-day 600,000 pre-orders for last year's iPhone 4. So, uh, it's going to be popular then.

We're still on the fence about the iPhone 4S, which is a fairly minor upgrade that adds the more powerful A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera. We'll be interested to see if the 4S is worth upgrading to if you already own an iPhone 4, or whether you'd be better off holding back until next year's model.

Also on board the souped-up mobile is Siri, a voice-control tool that appears to be quite sophisticated, letting you pose ludicrous queries such as, "Do I need a jumper?" that your 4S will apparently be able to answer with appropriate weather data. We're looking forward to giving Siri a more thorough playtest.

The iPhone 4S will be available in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB varieties, with prices starting at £499. Read our in-depth hands-on here.

Are you gagging to get your hands on Apple's latest creation? Or would you rather eat your own hands than join the Apple brigade? Fire your opinions into the comments, or at our Facebook wall.