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iPhone 4S network leak hints at minor iPhone update

A snap that seems to show US network AT&T's internal system hints that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S.

A leaked snap of US network AT&T's internal computer system hints that Apple's next iPhone could be a minor upgrade to the current version, and called the iPhone 4S.

Tech site Engadget was sent the picture, which lists the 'iPhone 4s White' among other phones in what appears to be the network's inventory system. That would suggest that the new iPhone would be a minor upgrade, improving the speed of the phone, akin to the step up from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS.

There are a few curiosities though. The 's' isn't capitalised, for example, whereas the 'iPhone 3G 8GB Black' that's also on the list gets the full upper-case treatment. There's also no hint as to the phone's capacity, whereas storage options for all the other devices on the list are present, and it's only available in one colour.

Perhaps the 'iPhone 4s' tag is just a placeholder for the benefit of AT&T's system. The company must know a new iPhone is coming, but if it doesn't know the specifics yet, it could be using 'iPhone 4s' as a way to mark on its database that a new model will be in place soon.

The possibility that Apple's newest iPhone will be a minor upgrade to the existing iPhone 4 seems to be gathering momentum. Last week an analyst piped up, claiming that the much-anticipated mobile will have the same basic design as the current version.

Then again, we're still seeing a steady stream of hints -- including leaked case designs -- that point to a slimmer iPhone with a tapered back, and possibly a slimmer body too. Is it possible that Apple is plotting two iPhones?

Well, it's never been Apple's style in the past, but who knows? We're expecting to find out for sure within the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

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Image credit: Engadget