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iPhone 4S calls plagued by an echo

Following the battery drain saga, iPhone 4S owners are now complaining about hearing an echo during voice calls.

Last year it was the antenna on the iPhone causing issues, this year it seemed it was the battery's turn to start annoying owners of the latest Apple handset. But now there's another reason to be annoyed at your 4S: an echo on voice calls.

There are dozens of messages on the Apple support forum from owners complaining of an echo when using a wired headset during voice calls, BGR reports. Not exactly anntennagate, but it's an issue nonetheless. And if you've just shelled out hundreds of pounds for a new mobile you'll be understandably peeved.

Complaints come from owners of all kinds of iPhone 4S, all saying call quality depletes over time, with the other caller's voice starting to echo. Over how much time varies: some say the echo starts 30 seconds into a call, others as long as 15 minutes in.

One owner said unplugging the headset cures the echo, but it returns when they start using it again. It seems to occur using both Apple's own headset and third-party ones.

Describing the echo, one owner wrote on the Apple support forums: "When it happens the volume on the headset suddenly increases, as well as the white noise (snow) in the background increases to the point it pretty much over takes the conversation. The other person experiences quite a lot of delay in the echo, about two seconds and we are no longer able to communicate."

Some iPhone 4S owners have been complaining their phone's battery drops by up to 10 per cent an hour with only average usage. This is thought to be due to a flaw in the location service system in iOS 5, though Apple has yet to make any announcements.

Have you had any issues with your new iPhone 4S? And have you hit upon any solutions? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.