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iPhone 4G launch: Join our Facebook page for instant reaction

Apple is set to launch the new fourth-generation iPhone tonight, and we'd love you to join us on our spangly new-look CNET UK Facebook page

Apple is set to launch the new fourth-generation iPhone tonight, with all its customary stagecraft and Jobsian hoo-ha, and we'd love you to join us. We'll be giving our considered opinion here on Crave -- but we'll also thrash out instant reaction with you over on our spangly new-look CNET UK Facebook page.

The new iPhone has already generated a heated debate -- we asked how excited you were in a poll on Friday and you kindly shared a wide range of interesting opinions.

"I was considering an Android-based handset, but I have paid a reasonable amount of money for my apps, which can't be used anywhere else," said Adam Matthews.

Aidan McManus, meanwhile, is more jaded. "I've been the first in line for the past two years to buy the latest iPhone but no more. I've grown tired of the boring UI with its jarring application experience. I'm also frustrated with Apple's closed ecosystem and controlling dictatorship."

"I am always interested in what the guys at Apple can come up with," said Andrew Hudson. "But I must say, I prefer Android to any iPhone. I think they are just fashion accessories these days, Apple could put the price up to 2 grand and people would still queue around the block to get one."

This ambivalent tone is reflected in our poll results. While 29 per cent say they cannot wait, 34 per cent could take it or leave it. The largest slice, 37 per cent, would rather set themselves on fire than hear another word about it. Sorry guys, you might want to look away now.

Mr Jobs is due to give his WWDC 2010 keynote at 6pm UK time tonight, so join us then on the CNET UK official wall for some top-notch tech banter.