iPhone 4: Vodafone reveals micro SIM plans for unlocked phones

Even when you've got your hands on your iPhone 4, you still needs a SIM -- but not just any SIM: you need a micro SIM. Read on for more SIMnanigans

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If you're planning on stumping up the cash for an unlocked iPhone 4 and running giggling into the sunset, cool your retros. You still need a SIM card, and not just any SIM card: the iPhone 4 uses the cut-down micro SIM card also used by the iPad.

That's right: the little rectangular chip familiar to most UK phone users won't physically fit into the iPhone 4. Instead, you'll need a micro SIM, which is just the standard SIM's gold chip with less plastic around it. A pair of stout scissors and a steady hand are all you need to turn a standard SIM into a micro SIM, but there are options that involve a little less Blue Peter and a lot more guaranteed success.

If the phone networks' deals don't appeal -- see our comparison -- the handset itself will be available without a contract from the Apple Store and other outlets. But where do you get a micro SIM?

micro SIM

Vodafone was first off the mark to furnish us with a micro SIM. You'll be able to walk into any Vodafone shop -- stock permitting -- and grab yourself a micro SIM for iPhone or iPad. They require different SIMs, so you won't be able to stick your iPhone's micro SIM into your 3G iPad for some cheeky 3G iPad action. The iPad's SIM is data-only.

We've contacted the other networks for more SIMformation. We do know that Orange will be giving away a free adaptor that will allow you to put a micro SIM into a normal phone, while eXpansys is offering the same adaptor with a template to cut full SIMs down to micro size for use in the iPhone.

While there's no reason why a sawn-off SIM shouldn't work, we can't guarantee anything, so wield those scissors at your own risk. Look out for our review of the iPhone 4 this Thursday.