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iPhone 4 poll results: Opinion divided over whether to buy one

Our Facebook poll recently asked if you intended to buy an iPhone 4. The results are in, and the votes for and against are split pretty evenly

Our recent Facebook poll asked whether you would be buying an iPhone 4. The results are in, and a majority of voters said they won't be forking over their hard-earned moolah in exchange for Apple's latest smart phone.

Forty per cent of respondents ticked the box marked 'I wouldn't touch one with a 50ft barge pole that I was planning on later throwing into a canal', while 37 per cent selected 'Yes, I need this in my life RIGHT NOW'. Twenty-three per cent of voters chose the 'I'm going to wait and see, but I might buy one' option.

Apple products always divide opinion. Often hailed by some as revolutionary, others consider them little more than expensive fashion accessories.

Faced with the prospect of purchasing an iPhone 4, Andrew Walker was moved to comment, "Mmmm, sweet." Nick Clark remarked, "I'd buy one but for the lack of Flash support", while Jonathan Overly opined, "Long live Android! Google is going to make Jobs beg for mercy." 

It's not too late to have your say. Head on over to our fan page and enter the poll, or just vent your spleen all over our Facebook wall -- we have someone standing by with a mop to clean up the mess.