iPhone 4 on Vodafone: Prices leaked?

iPhone 4 prices have shown up -- for a mere moment -- on Vodafone's Web site, and the deals start at £25 a month for a £189 iPhone 4 with 16GB of storage

Flora Graham
2 min read

We've spotted Vodafone's iPhone 4 prices page sneaking onto the Interwebs. Vodafone's the first UK network to spill the beans on the full cost of picking up Apple's latest shiny toy and, unsurprisingly, it ain't cheap.

We found the info on Vodafone's Web site, but the page has since been taken down, so we can't promise that these are Vodafone's final deals. We think it's fairly likely though.

Vodafone says that, if you pre-order by midnight on 22 June, you'll be guaranteed to get the iPhone 4 on the 24 June launch date. It's also throwing in unlimited 60-minute calls to other Vodafone mobiles.

Here are all the gory details in a glorious table.

16GB iPhone 4 -- 24-month contract

The 32GB iPhone on a 24-month contract will cost you more up front, but the monthly costs are the same as for the 16GB phone. The 32GB phone will cost £280 on a £25 contract, £239 on a £30 contract, £179 on a £35 contract, £149 on a £40 contract, £89 on a £45 contract and be free on a £60 contract. 

16GB iPhone 4 -- 18-month contract

We didn't have time to grab the prices for the 32GB iPhone on an 18-month contract before the site went down. But, based on the other prices, we'd expect to pay £5 more per month than on a 24-month deal, with the same up-front cost for the phone.

Checking the small print, there's also the option to call Vodafone on 08080 044 479 to get an iPhone on other types of plan.

Pay-as-you-go prices weren't available when we checked the site, but it does look like they will be on offer from Vodafone.

Vodafone wouldn't comment on the iPhone 4 prices shown on its Web site, so consider these prices as unconfirmed, for now. But we'd like to hear what you think in the comments section below. Are these prices winning over your hearts and minds, or is it more a case of shock and awe?