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iPhone 4 launch diary: The video that almost killed us

We camped out street-side at the Regent Street launch of Apple's incredible new iPhone 4. Check out our video diary for an insider's look into the mind of a die-hard Apple fan...

The willpower and enthusiasm of a devoted Apple fan truly is a force of nature, and when you get several hundred fans gathered in one location for the launch of something as momentous as the iPhone 4, prepare yourself for an enthusiasm-hurricane of devastating proportions. Up until now, however, witnessing such an event required you to pitch camp street-side with a horde of baying punters...

If there's one thing we can't stand at CNET UK, it's people not getting eyewitness-views of stuff, which is why we're extremely proud to announce that you can now experience the glamour, the depravity, the highs and the lows of the iPhone 4 Regent Street midnight queue from the comfort of your living room, thanks to our stonking video diary.

This short, informative clip gets you all the behind-the-scenes queueing action you won't find anywhere else. We could go on to explain how it will enrich your life with its searing vision of life as a die-hard Apple fan, not to mention documenting our rapid descent into lunacy, but frankly you should just click play and save us both some time.

All we ask is that you enjoy it, because -- as you'll see -- creating this video took an awful lot out of us.