iPhone 4 is 'the new Vista': Apple press conference to announce recall?

Is Apple about to jump the shark? An emergency press conference will address the iPhone 4 reception issues tomorrow. Is this Steve Jobs' Waterloo? Tension! Excitement! Phones!

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Richard Trenholm
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It's all kicking off: Apple has called an emergency press conference to address the controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 and its incredible shrinking phone signal.

iPhone 4 has been plagued with controversy since it first arrived in customers' hands, and owners quickly discovered those very hands broke their new £500 phone. It may be the dog and bone everyone and their gran has heard of, tweeted about, and featured in a hilarious webcomic, but it divides opinion like few other tech products -- and has even led to a share price nosedive.

Apple's official stance is that the reception issues are the result of a long-standing software glitch that displays the wrong number of signal bars. So far, Apple has refused to acknowledge the alleged hardware problems caused by wrapping the phone's two antennas around the outside of the phone.

Fortunately, someone has seen the funny side: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner joked at the MS Worldwide Partner Conference that "the iPhone 4 might be their Vista". The wag! Wasn't so blinkin' funny in 2005, Kev.

If you are suffering an iPhone 4 signal catastrophe, Crave is here to help: we show you how to fix your iBlower with our patented CNET UK iPhone 4 super-reception stick. We've also rounded up a selection of our favourite iPhone 4 cases.

So what will Apple announce? Look no further than Crave, as we'll be closely following the press conference. It all kicks off tomorrow, Friday 16 July 2010, at 5pm BST, as if we've got nothing better to do on a Friday night.

Will Steve Jobs announce a recall? Will Gray Powell's head be served up on an iPad? Will there be free bumpers for everyone? Or will El Steve be slowly wheeled across the stage in a wheelbarrow full of money, impassively flicking the Vs?

Tell us your predictions in the comments, or on our official Facebook page. And most importantly, tell us has Apple finally jumped the shark?