iPhone 4 drawing contest: The results!

Last week on the podcast we asked you to draw an iPhone 4 in Paint (or equivalent rubbish software) and post it to our Facebook wall. Now it's time to check out your masterpieces...

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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In last week's podcast we asked you, the listening public, to draw an iPhone 4 in Paint (or equivalently rubbish software) and post it to our Facebook wall. It was a decision we instantly regretted, as our writhing fanbase spewed forth a bilious torrent of nonsense and pixels arranged in such horrifying arrangements as to rent the Earth asunder. Good work, people. Here then, we've collected our favourite submissions for your perusal.

If you like what you see, don't forget to say so in the comments or indeed on the Facebook wall, potentially creating a horrible feedback loop of ridiculousness.

Check out this offering by Darryl 'Captain Sam' Clough, who points out that the white iPhone 4 bears a striking resemblance to the T-Mobile G1, and rubs it in with a dig at Apple fanboys. A lethal put-down and no mistake, though we will be contacting the Coastguard to confirm that Darryl has, in fact, achieved the rank of captain.

Next up, here's a really impressive offering from Fraser Ntukula. Imagine the time it would take to get that shading looking just right -- the mind boggles. We are filled with admiration, and a little bit afraid.

Paul Owen lowers the tone significantly with this piece. Nevertheless, we can't help but admire the artful use of perspective and smooth bend in the centre of the iPhone 4. We only wish that same critical eye could have been applied to the toilet, which looks a little bent out of shape, presumably to reflect the iPhone 4's crumbling grip on reality.

Now this we like. Vincent Leung captures the retro look of old perfectly with this low-res pixel-art entry -- we never thought we'd see the iPhone 4 as our NES would have rendered it. This piece is a little sparse perhaps, but we want it on a t-shirt, and there's no higher accolade than that.

We're both ashamed and oddly proud to admit that this entry -- which shows Apple boss Steve Jobs' head literally exploding with innovation -- was penned (moused?) by CNET UK's very own sub-editor Charles Kloet. Obviously Charles can't win, but we felt you needed to see this image. We just don't recommend looking directly at it for too long. It is highly disturbing.


We're happy to say this entry from Jack Benson perfectly captures the spirit of the iPhone 4, provided you don't have any follow-up questions on exactly how it does so. We love the tasteful yet liberal application of the Paint Spraycan, and the way that if you look at this drawing for long enough, it feels like you're looking at an underwater iPhone 4. Smashing. Congratulations to Jack, whose prize is on its way.

Well, that's your lot. You can still enter, but you can no longer win, so it would pretty much be a waste of everyone's time. Head on over to the CNET UK Facebook page if -- for some reason -- you feel like checking out other madness from the minds of the CNET UK staff and our loyal readership.