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iPhone 3G S and OS 3.0 photos

CNET rounds up Apple's photos of the iPhone 3G S. Also, revisit iPhone OS 3.0 with screenshots from our iPhone 3G.

We couldn't grab hands-on photos of the iPhone 3G S at the WWDC 2009 keynote, so we delved into Apple's Web site to find out what press shots the company had to offer.

Since the new handset's design is unchanged from the iPhone 3G we'll save you a gallery of exterior photos, but we'll show how the 3G S's unique features will look on the display. Again, these are shots supplied by Apple--we haven't tested the new device yet--but they'll give you an idea of what to expect from the compass, Voice Control and video editing.

We also invite you to revisit the iPhone OS 3.0. We used the beta version of the update on our CNET iPhone for a couple of months now so these are real screenshots. You may have seen most of them before, but we've added a few new shots following the OS 3.0 highlights from the keynote. Enjoy!