iPhone 3G Now Available for in-Home Activation

AT&T is now selling the iPhone 3G on its website and allowing in-home activation.

CNET staff

AT&T is now selling the Apple iPhone 3G through their online store.

Currently the offer includes free overnight shipping. The phones are offered in 8GB black $199.99, 16GB black or white $299.99 for new customers and require a two year agreement. Only one handset per household can be purchased online, and we suspect this is another effort to prevent a gray market from developing. If you want additional iPhone 3Gs or if you are an upgrader, you have to visit an Apple or AT&T store.

Interestingly, activation can be done at home--something both Apple and AT&T did not allow anyone to do when the iPhone 3G was released.

Apple is still allowing you to purchase via an Apple gift card and by starting your purchase at Apple's online store, but both of these methods require users to visit the nearest Apple store. AT&T's offering allows people without easy access to either an AT&T or Apple Store to order and activate iPhones.