iPhone 13 Pro 'Steve Jobs Edition' packs parts from original 2007 iPhone

Want original iPhone components in your new iPhone 13 Pro? It'll cost you big bucks to own a piece of Apple history.

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David Lumb
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Caviar's iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs Edition supposedly includes parts from original 2007 iPhone models.


Missed your chance to pick up a new iPhone 13 Pro with a dinosaur tooth? For diehard Apple fans who want to stand out, there are new exclusive editions of the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max that include parts from the original iPhone released in 2007. 

Don't worry, the iPhone 2G Edition will have all of the iPhone 13's features like a smaller notch, 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion display and better cameras. But Caviar Global, a designer smartphone brand that also sold that dinosaur tooth phone, has snipped out slices of silicon from a 2007 iPhone and ensconced them in a transparent Apple logo cover. Sitting at the center of a blueprint-like design engraved on the special edition's rear cover, it's a completely cosmetic touch, along with a laser-etched re-creation of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs' signature at the bottom.

Just expect to pay an arm and a leg for one, if you even get a shot at the extremely limited run: Caviar is releasing only 19 of the iPhone 2G Edition iPhone 13 Pro phones, with an eye-watering price tag of $6,990 for the Pro and $7,530 for the Pro Max.

If you miss your chance and still have deep pockets, there are other options in Caviar's Steve Jobs product line, including iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models supposedly featuring snippets of Jobs' famous black turtlenecks (I can't tell how the brand ensures the authenticity of the clothing sample). Or if you're more mobile, an $1,830 pair of New Balance 991 sneakers that Caviar claims has beatific slices of Jobs' old black pullovers tucked into the tongue like a holy relic. 

With the cheapest of these editions coming in at $6,520, Caviar's Jobs line isn't for the ordinary consumer who will balk at a regular iPhone 13 Pro's $999 starting price. But for anyone who wants a piece of Apple and smartphone history, the iPhone 2G Edition is a unique synthesis of past and present that will, yes, take much better photos than the original 2007 iPhone could