iPhone 13 adds hours to a single battery charge, Apple says

The iPhone 13 batteries will last longer than those in the iPhone 12 for a combination of reasons, including the new A15 Bionic chip.

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The new iPhones will have improved battery life. 


Apple's new iPhone 13 models will sport longer battery life than the iPhone 12 lineup, the company said at its product event Tuesday. The extended battery life results from a combination of a bigger battery, iOS 15 software and the A15 Bionic chip.

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Here's how much longer the new phones' lithium-ion batteries will last compared with their iPhone 12 counterparts, according to Apple: 

iPhone battery comparison

iPhone 13iPhone 13 MiniiPhone 13 ProiPhone 13 Pro Max
Extra battery over iPhone 12 counterpart 2.5 hours1.5 hours1.5 hours2.5 hours
Video playback Up to 19 hoursUp to 17 hoursUp to 22 hoursUp to 28 hours
Video playback (streaming) Up to 15 hoursUp to 13 hoursUp to 20 hoursUp to 25 hours
Audio playback Up to 75 hoursUp to 55 hoursUp to 75 hoursUp to 95 hours

The new iPhones feature MagSafe (up to 15W) and Qi wireless charging (up to 7.5W), a USB charging port for computers and power adapters, and a Smart Data Mode that automatically shifts to LTE when 5G isn't needed. 

The iPhone 13 lineup also offers fast-charge capabilities with a 20W or higher adapter that is sold separately. With the adapter, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 13 Pro can get up to 50% charge in 30 minutes. The iPhone 13 Pro Max can get up to 50% charge in 35 minutes.

All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary. Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.   

Apple does offers caveats to its battery promises. According to Apple's iPhone 13 specs page, how long a battery's charge lasts in real life depends on several factors such as network configuration, use and settings. Apple adds that iPhone batteries have "limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced."

The new iPhone 13 series will be available to preorder on Friday. The iPhone 13 starts at $799, the iPhone 13 Mini starts at $699, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099. Meanwhile, iOS 15 will be available to download Sept. 20.