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iPhone 1.1.4 boosts cell signal strength

iPhone 1.1.4 boosts cell signal strength

A number of users are reporting that iPhone software/firmware 1.1.4 does indeed provide a healthy boost in cell signal strength, which was severely degraded for some users under the 1.1.3 software/firmware revision (prompting a series of boosting methods including one that involves scotch tape). This enhancement stands in addition to a series of other undocumented fixes in 1.1.4.

Some positive reports from iPhone Atlas readers:

  • "I am getting 2-3 bars and solid edge in the Chicago Union Station north bound Tunnels. Normally would be no bars and EDGE would be sketchy. Leaving the tunnel I get instant signal. Before it would be 5-10 min before I got even bad connectivity. Loving it!" -- Jeff Rowe
  • "I used to have an intermittent weak signal in my condo.  No more since 1.1.4." -- Paul Barunas

Apple updated the iPhone modem firmware with release 1.1.4, bringing it from version 4.03.13_G to version The refined firmware is likely the cause of boosted signal strength.