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iPad mini faces 'ridiculously tight' stock struggles

You could struggle to get your hands on a new Apple iPad mini with Retina display, as experts suggest supplies could be "ridiculously tight."

You could struggle to get your hands on a new Apple iPad mini with Retina display. Revealed this week alongside the slimline iPad Air, the new 7-inch tablet may find supply "ridiculously tight."

Industry expert Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet research at IHS, reckons that supply of the new iPad mini with Retina display is going to be "ridiculously tight."

Experts estimate the number of new mini iPads Apple can produce is a third of the number shipped from the factory this time last year. However, that was the first ever iPad mini, which could well have inflated the number of people rushing out to buy the 7-inch tablet.

EE and Vodafone will offer both new iPads on 4G contracts. Three and EE's own T-Mobile and Orange networks also offer the tablets on 3G deals.

The exact release date for the Apple iPad mini hasn't been confirmed. Apple says only that the new 7-inch slate goes on sale in November, which could point to stock struggles. Prices range between £320 and £659 -- click here for the full deck of iPad mini UK prices

The slimmed-down iPad Air hits shops in Britain on 1 November, starting from £399 for the model without 3G or 4G mobile data; click here for the full line-up of iPad Air UK prices.

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