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iOS 6.1.2 to launch next week and fix bugs, report says

The next version of Apple's mobile OS is waiting in the wings, ready to fix bugs this week, according to a report.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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The next version of Apple's mobile operating system could launch next week, according to a report, and will fix the bugs found in iOS 6.1.1.

German blog iFun cites checks with different mobile networks as evidence iOS 6.1.2 will touch down before Wednesday. That might not be concrete proof, but 9to5Mac says the same site nailed the launch of iOS 6.1.1 using info from these sources. The PS4, HTC One, and iOS 6.1.2 all in the same two days? I can think of worse weeks.

The next version of Apple's mobile OS promises to fix a couple of flaws found in 6.1.1. Namely the fact that iOS devices won't sync with Microsoft Exchange servers, as well as the fact anyone can bypass the iPhone's passcode with a few simple steps, letting them use the phone and listen to your voicemails. Apple has said it's aware of both and is working on a fix.

iOS 6.1.1 launched this week to fix the bugs in 6.1 (which is only a couple of weeks old). Here in the UK, Vodafone warned customers using an iPhone 4S not to upgrade to 6.1, due to 3G performance issues. It later went ahead and gave it the green light to 6.1.1. But not all was fixed, as this upgrade proves. Many complained that 6.1.1 drained the battery on their iPhone 4S much faster than previous versions. Seriously, it's like whack-a-mole, fixing these bugs.

Our very own Richard Trenholm opined on the matter at this time last year, lamenting how nowadays phones seem to be sold in an unfinished state. So what if it doesn't work? There's an update coming that'll sort all that out. I'd feel more than a little annoyed if I downloaded the latest update only to find it screwed my phone's battery life. I thought updates were supposed to improve performance, not hinder it.

What's your experience been of iOS 6.1.1? Did it fix any flaws? Or make things worse? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.

Image credit: Engadget