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iOS 6.0.2 fights Wi-Fi bug, but only for iPhone 5 and iPad mini

A new version of iOS 6 is out to squash a pesky Wi-Fi glitch -- but it's only available on a select few Apple gadgets.

Apple's released a new version of iOS, designed to squash a Wi-Fi bug that's been frustrating owners of its shiny toys. But the update is seemingly only applicable to the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

If you've heard about the update and are gazing, brow furrowed at your older iPhone or iPad, don't be alarmed as it appears that Apple is making this update available only for its newest two gadgets.

That's an unusual move, but Apple's support page does indeed list just the iPad mini and iPhone 5 in the 'system requirements' section.

The description says the update, which is available over-the-air, "Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi", as well as a containing other improvements. There are no major new features in this update, however, so there's no reason to get too over-excited.

It's early days yet, but if you've been experiencing Wi-Fi wobbles on your iPhone or iPad, let me know if this update makes anything better in the comments, or on our Facebook wall. Techcrunch reports that some customers are struggling to access the update over the air, in which case you could try plugging your iOS device into your computer and installing the update via iTunes.

iOS 6 has seen a mixed reception, offering minor improvements over last year's software including Facebook integration and improved voice search through Siri, but letting customers down with a shonky Maps app.

Google's own Maps app for iOS was released into the App Store several days ago, prompting people to take the plunge and update to iOS 6. Had you been holding back on an update, or do you always download new software as soon as possible? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.