iOS 13 dark mode leak gives a peek at what's to come

A system-wide dark mode is finally coming to iOS.

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Apple's system-wide dark mode could arrive in iOS 13. 


Apple finally will be giving iOS a dark mode. 

In a leak published Tuesday by 9to5Mac, screenshots seem to show off the apparent new styling option, which replaces iOS' traditional white backgrounds with black. 

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Rumored to be a part of iOS 13, the new feature is expected to be introduced when Apple shows off its latest software next week at its annual WWDC developer conference. In addition to looking crisper on the OLED displays found on the iPhone X , XS and XS Max the new mode may help with those devices' battery lives since OLED displays can keep those pixels off. 

The new dark mode is shown in the  Apple Music  app. The screen after taking a screenshot also looks to be getting a slight revamp, according to the leaked images.   

9to5Mac says the new mode can be enabled in Settings or through Control Center. 

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In addition to dark mode, iOS 13 is expected to add improvements to iMessage, Maps and Reminders, mouse support for the iPad and improved speed for devices. It remains to be seen which iOS devices will get the update, with rumors suggesting those older than the iPhone 6S might not make the cut after getting iOS 12 last year. 

Apple on Tuesday updated its iPod Touch to an A10 processor, the same chip found in the iPhone 7

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