iOS 12 will reportedly fix the iPhone X's most annoying quirks

No, not the notch. That's on you.

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister
Josh Miller/CNET

Ever noticed your iPhone X's camera roll filling up with unintentional screenshots -- because you accidentally press the physical buttons when fishing it out of your pocket or purse? Ever wondered why it's so hard to force-close an app?

Reportedly, both of these issues will be fixed when iOS 12 arrives this fall (likely September). Because in addition to all the features Apple mentioned during its WWDC keynote, and a whole bunch of features it didn't, developers have reportedly discovered that:

1) The iPhone X now won't take screenshots unless the screen has already been on for a while (Reddit via Mashable)

2) You can simply swipe up on apps to force-close them, instead of holding down on the screen first (Dom Esposito, also via Mashable)

You might be wondering: Are these issues really a big deal? Well, CNET's Shara Tibken told me she takes "about 500 accidental screenshots a day," which is probably a slight exaggeration but to be fair she was trying to get my attention in a hurry. Meanwhile, Gizmodo called it "the worst thing about the iPhone X," linking to half a dozen annoyed forum posts as evidence. 

I think a better question is the one Dom Esposito suggests in the tweet above: why wasn't it this way all along?

Apple didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.