Will your iPhone or iPad get iOS 11? Here's the full list

Unless you're rocking an iPhone 5C or earlier, you should be good -- with caveats.

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iOS 11, the latest version of Apple 's iPhone and iPad operating system, is nearly here -- with fancy new features in tow. Perhaps you're feeling a little anxious to get it, but will that new software make it to your tablet or phone?

Unless your phone is old (and I mean pre-2013) you probably have nothing to fear.

Here's the full list of Apple devices that are scheduled to get iOS 11.

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In case the image doesn't show for you, here's the short version:

In other words, any Apple phone, tablet or media player with an Apple A7 chip or later should be eligible. However, it looks like it's the end of the iOS update road for the iPhone 5 and the  iPhone 5C -- those phones will continue to work but will stay on iOS 10.

With Google's Android, there's no guarantee your device will ever see a new version of the operating system, but Apple typically updates devices for years after their release.

Do note that not every single iOS 11 feature will come to every device, though. For instance:

  • Apple's ARKit augmented reality apps only work on iPhone 6S or later, iPad Pro, iPad (2017) and iPhone SE.
  • We've confirmed that most multitasking features, like the Dock, app switcher and ability to use two apps at the same time in Split View and Slide Over modes, are exclusively available on the iPad. 
  • Update, 3:50p.m. PT: The iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and original iPad Air still don't support Split View split-screen multitasking, but they do support Slide Over. All newer iPads will have both.
  • You can use the new Drag and Drop feature between apps on iPad, but only within the same app on an iPhone, according to Apple.
  • Good news: the Files app will be available on both the iPhone and the iPad.
  • Obviously, stylus-specific apps like Scan and Sign (for documents) and Instant Markup (just start writing on things) require an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Any iPad Pro tablet should work.

iOS 11 should arrive this fall -- likely in September alongside a brand-new iPhone.

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