iOS 10: All the new features, tips and guides

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Watch this: 10 reasons to upgrade to iOS 10

iOS 10 is here. Even though it looks just like iOS 9, a lot -- and we mean a lot -- of features are radically different. Messages is a lot more like Facebook Messenger, the lock screen packs a lot more info, and you can finally delete Apple's default apps.

There's a lot more to know, so bookmark this page as you get started with iOS 10.

Wait -- read this first!

T-Mobile users: Seriously, wait. T-Mobile tweeted Thursday that iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5SE users on the T-Mobile network should hold off on updating to iOS 10. If you already updated, you can temporarily fix the issue by powering your phone off, and powering it on again.

Did you already try updating? The iOS 10 update was freezing some people's phones. Apple has just issued a fix, but if you already ran into this issue, here's how to fixed that botched update.

Have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C? Skip the update. Even though iOS 10 is technically compatible with these older devices, we recommend taking a wait-and-see approach before updating your phone. If you have one of these devices, read this to find out more about the potential drawbacks of updating.

10 reasons to update. If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, we recommend updating to iOS 10. The update brings loads of new ways to use your phone, including these 10 features we love most.

Prep your phone before updating. Ready to update? Here's how to prep your phone, including a guide to properly backing it up.

Now you're ready to download the update. As of now, iOS 10 is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Here's how to install it.

iOS 10 basics

Change these settings first. Every new version of iOS comes with fresh settings. Change these right away to make the transition as swift as possible.

Warning: Your home button is different. You now have to click the home button to unlock your phone, but this quick tip shows you how to change it back.

We found 23 hidden features. There's a bunch of hidden features you can easily miss in the new update. A CNET favorite is that you can be more selective about who gets read receipts in Messages. Here are all 23 hidden tips.

New Siri features. We know -- Siri wasn't always the most reliable assistant, but iOS 10 made it a lot more useful. She can now hail an Uber, add suggestions to your Messages and more. Here are 11 things the new Siri can do.

You can now delete apps! Kind of. Apple finally (finally!) lets you delete apps like Maps, Stocks and even Mail. You can delete all 23 stock apps, but there's a catch.

iOS 10 is slowing older phones down. So we found a few ways to speed up iOS 10 running on older phones.

All the major changes

    • Control Center. This looks a lot different. Music shifted over to the right and there are now 3D Touch options.
    • Safari. View two tabs at once? Yes, please.
    • Apple Pay. You can now use Apple Pay in Safari.
    • Photos. Memories automatically organize your photos for you, Google Photos-style.
    • Lock screen. You might hate the new lock screen. This guide will help you love it.
    • Widgets. Apple finally warmed up to widgets, which act like mini-apps in your lock screen.
    • Messages. It's like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat had a baby.
    • Notifications. The new notification style makes it much less necessary to unlock your phone.
    • Music. Music gets a much-needed revamp and new features, like a setting that gets the app to automatically download songs you add to your library.

    Don't forget the Apple Watch

    iPhones and iPads aren't the only devices that got new features. Apple also released Watch OS 3, the new software for Apple Watches. The update makes your watch feel like a brand-new device. Here are 11 new features in Watch OS 3, including one that lets you unlock your Mac with an Apple Watch.