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Interactive Google Play app dishes up actor details

A new interactive feature gives users at-a-glance information about their favorite actors and related content.

Info cards in the new Google Play Movies & TV
Info cards provide contextually based details for Google Play Movies. Click to enlarge.

Google today introduced a new feature to the Google Play Movies and TV app for Android. Dubbed "info cards," they offer up contextually based "cards" with related information and links.

If you've ever watched a TV show or movie and wondered where you might have seen the actor before, or if you're curious what that song is playing in the end credits, these info cards save the day.

It may be a matter of pure coincidence, but Amazon today announced that X-Ray for TV is available for Kindle Fire and Wii U devices. Somewhat similar in design, the Amazon service is tied to IMDb and requires users to purchase content through Amazon Instant Video. Whereas the X-Ray experience is tightly focused on movies and television, Google's info cards open the door to all things Google.

Google has made the info card feature available for "hundreds of movies" offered in Google Play, and I'm sure we'll see more context cards for most future releases. Just download the latest version of Google Play Movies & TV app to get started.

Also of note, the info cards are only available to U.S. users who are running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Looking ahead, Google plans to expand the info card feature to additional countries and devices.