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Intelliscreen for iPhone offers locked screen info

Intelliscreen for iPhone offers locked screen info

Intelliscreen for the iPhone was released today as a beta application, currently distributed under the jailbreak app umbrella. Essentially, the tool allows you too look at various information stored on the iPhone -- calendar entries, new email, SMS messages, news or weather -- directly on the "Slide to Unlock" screen. In other words, with the application installed, you don't need to unlock your phone to access these data.

Each item features smooth scrolling for so you can quickly browse through your data. The application will auto-refresh and you can jump to an application from it's screen with a "swipe. " You can customize both how the data displays and the content.

The application requires a jailbroken iPhone. In order to install it, follow our guide to jailbreaking the iPhone and getting it ready for third-party applications, then add this source to

To add a source (as also detailed in our guide), tap the "Sources," button in, then tap "Edit" in the upper-right corner, and finally "Add" in the upper-left corner. Enter the URL of the source you would like to add and press "OK." will add the source, and you will be able to find the new application(s) in the normal "Install" menu.