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Intel, Samsung invest in high-powered Siri alternative Expect Labs

The companies didn't say how much they've invested in the firm, but Samsung says that it hopes to have better voice-driven and context-aware services on its products.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger

Expect Labs, a company building a Siri-like platform on steroids, has just raised some extra cash from both Samsung and Intel.

Venture capital arms at both companies on Tuesday announced that they have dropped some money into Expect Labs to help it continue to build its Anticipatory Computing Engine, a service for companies that's "designed to analyze and understand conversations in real-time and proactively find related information." The Engine has eyes on anticipating what a person needs before they even realize it and then providing relevant information.

According to Expect Labs, which has also captured cash from Google Ventures and Greylock Partners, it's expecting its Engine to be available on "a wide variety of applications and devices."

So why did Samsung and Intel decide to invest in a company delivering voice-activated services to others? Intel says that it wants to help move the industry forward. But Samsung appears to have eyes on bringing the technology to some of its products.

"Through this partnership, Samsung Venture Investment Corporation expects to empower Expect Labs to enable new types of intelligent, voice-driven and context aware behavior across a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs."

The total amount invested in Expect Labs was not divulged.