Intel inside out

The chipmaker lays out its long-range plans today at its developer forum in Palm Springs, California, with a few surprises.

CNET News staff
Intel laid out its long-range plans today at the Intel Developer Forum. The plans include placing chips in set-top boxes, enhancing Pentium II and Xeon processors, "thin servers" for small businesses, and a new entertainment device that borrows heavily from Apple's iMac.

Intel, RealNetworks in streaming deal
Intel will license video compression technology to a Microsoft rival, a pact that could also spur demand for high-end chips.

Intel eyes set-top computers
CEO Craig Barrett says the company will target the set-top space later this year and enhance its Pentium II and Xeon chips.

Intel device not far from Apple tree
update The chipmaker and a Korean company are touting new, stylized entertainment devices such as one called the "Aztec," borrowing heavily from the iMac.

Intel tests "thin server" field
Intel, on the lookout for new markets, details a strategy for expanding its offerings in the nascent "thin server" market.