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Instagram will let you share stories with just close friends

Don't worry, only you can see your list.

Instagram now has a close friends list for Stories. 

You can finally share that weird Instagram story with just your besties.

The Facebook-owned app on Friday rolled out a close friends list feature on Stories that lets you share more personal moments with only the people you choose. Only you can see your close friends list, and people cannot request to be added.

You can add people to your list by opening your profile and tapping on "Close Friends" in the side menu, according to Instagram's blog post. When you share a story, you can tap the close friends list, which means everyone you put in this group will see it.

If friends add you to their close friends list, you'll see a green badge in their stories as well as a green ring around their profile picture.

Instagram has been testing new features to make the social network more intimate. Last week, it started testing features that rearrange your profile page, where icons, buttons and tabs may change. Earlier this month, Instagram reportedly tested a feature called School Stories, which would restrict certain stories to students in a particular community so no outsiders would see it or contribute to it.