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Instagram Stories adds translated text

Facebook-owned Instagram says the new translation tool supports more than 90 languages.

Angela Lang/CNET

Instagram said Wednesday that it's releasing a way for users to translate text in Stories, a feature that lets people post content that vanishes in 24 hours.

The introduction of translations to Stories shows that Facebook-owned Instagram continues to double down on content that disappears. Stories is already a popular format on Instagram, and introducing translations is one way the social network could expand the reach of the feature. 

Instagram said users worldwide will be able to translate text into more than 90 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese. Translations will be available for text but not for audio. Support for certain languages might also vary depending on the operating system used.

To take advantage of the new feature, Instagram users click on a See Translation banner in the upper left-hand corner of a Story if they don't understand a language. When users click on the banner, the words get translated into their native language.