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Instagram scores 5M downloads in six days on Android

Facebook is getting a photo app that is riding high on some serious momentum.

Facebook's got to be happy about Instagram's recent momentum on the Android platform.

The app has seen 5 million downloads in six days on the Android operating system, according to The Next Web. The site noted it took the iOS version six months to hit that benchmark.

Instagram's performance on Android ranks as one of the best launches on the platform, likely providing some reassurance to Facebook on its looming acquisition. Facebook said yesterday that it had agreed to buy the photo app for $1 billion.

Instagram showed early momentum in Android, tallying 1 million downloads on its first day on Google Play, Android's rebranded marketplace.

The photo-sharing app was already an established hit on iOS. In fact, the popularity of the Android version rankled some iOS users, who felt they had lost some exclusivity when the app went to a different platform.

Yesterday, some Instagram users threatened to quit after Facebook announced its planned takeover of the app.

But Instagram keeps growing. With a base that's larger than iOS, Android can weather a few disgruntled iOS users.