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Instagram lets you send live videos, makes commenting easier

The app rolled out the new features ahead of Christmas, encouraging users to share moments and engage with people.

Alternative View at Sao Paulo Fashion Week - N44 Winter 2018
One of Instagram's latest features lets you share your live videos directly with your friends.
Mauricio Santana / Getty Images

Instagram is feeling generous as Christmas approaches, and it's rolled out new features as its contribution to the season of giving.

Users can now share live videos with their contacts by direct message, it announced in a blog post yesterday. The move comes as Instagram confirmed it will be testing a messaging app called Direct in selected markets earlier this month.

The live videos you can send include your own and those you're watching. They can be viewed directly from your friend's inbox -- but only if it's still ongoing.  

The app also added a comment button on the main feed, the spokeswoman from Instagram confirmed to CNET today, adding that it makes commenting on posts more convenient. 

You may not notice it if you scroll through your posts too quickly. But if you stare at a post for longer than five seconds, the button pops up.

"We're always introducing new ways to make it easier to share any moment and engage with the people who matter to you," a spokeswoman from Instagram said.

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