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Instagram is removing the Following tab to cut down on creepers

Many users weren't aware of the feature.

This change will help keep the stalkers at bay. 
James Martin/CNET

Instagram will get rid of the Following tab in its app Monday. The big reason why is that many users didn't even know it was a feature. 

The Following tab let users see what posts and accounts their friends are engaging with. Instagram introduced the tab in 2011 to help new users find other people to follow. However, not many were making use of it, hence the decision to remove it.

"We're always working to make Instagram the best space to connect with the people and things you love," an Instagram spokesperson said Monday. "While this includes introducing new features, it also means removing old ones that may no longer be useful. Starting today, we will begin removing the 'Following' tab. This leaves the 'You' tab which will now be known as 'Activity.'"

Instagram follow tab

How the Instagram app will look after the removal of the Following tab. 


Instagram also introduced a new feature on Monday to help secure user accounts. In settings, people can now find the option Emails from Instagram. Users will now see the emails sent by Instagram in the past 14 days to cut down on accounts hacked via phishing attempts.