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Infinity Blade "amazed" Steve Jobs, should be out very soon

The Infinity Blade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch looks like it's heading to the iTunes store very soon, and we hope it will give us the buzz it gave Steve Jobs.

The gorgeous-looking Infinity Blade could be released on Apple's App Store in the next few days, and according to reports Steve Jobs was "amazed" that something with its graphical prowess could exist on the iPhone.

"He just said, 'I can't believe this is on one of our devices!'" squealed Donald Mustard, co-founder of Infinity Blade developer Chair Entertainment, speaking to The Salt Lake Tribune. Another Apple exec apparently added, "This changes everything."

The game impressed the iPhone makers so much that Mustard and the president of Chair's parent company Epic Games were invited onstage with Steve Jobs at an Apple press event in September, which Mustard described as "awesome".

The game has been developed on the Unreal Engine, which powers the graphics in proper grownup games like Gears of War and Mass Effect. It's an action RPG where you control a knight bludgeoning his way through a beautiful castle. You can upgrade your stats and weapons on the way to defeating the end-of-game boss, the God-King. We have a preview of the game here, which we'll update to a full review as soon as it's out.

Unlike many mobile games that try to recreate more traditional console delights, there's no virtual joystick. Instead, your finger is the weapon, with swipes across the screen represented by sword blows, IGN reports. One swipe won't do much damage -- you'll need to string together combos and dodge your enemies by pressing to the side of the screen. You can block too, by tapping the middle and holding it, or swing your weapon in line with theirs, resulting in a satisfying crunch of metal on metal.

Cleverly, every time you complete the game, which apparently is around 30 minutes of play, your son will return to the castle 20 years later to defeat the God-King once more. He'll have better stats and skills than his ol' pops, but so will your enemies. No price has been set for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad title yet.