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Industry titans shake on $5 billion deal

In a move to ensure its role in the broadband revolution, Microsoft takes a $5 billion stake in AT&T and signs a number of deals with the telecom giant.


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Microsoft, in a move to secure its spot in the broadband parade, takes a $5 billion stake in AT&T. The telecom giant, following its proposed acquisition of MediaOne, will be the largest cable operator in the nation.

"Microsoft wants a seat in the new broadband environment, and they bought that seat."

- Jim Balderston, Zona Research analyst


Microsoft: Money talks
news analysis Microsoft has vast amounts of experience and resources to create clever software, but when it muscles into new markets a simple maxim applies: money talks.

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Microsoft, AT&T in $5 billion pact
Microsoft invests $5 billion in AT&T and announces a series of agreements with the phone giant in a move to boost its position in broadband and Internet services.

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