In the labs: Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 is in the CNET testing labs now. Don't miss your chance to ask us anything about this phone before the review is finished.

Here at CNET Australia we want the information in the reviews to answer all the questions you have about a particular device. So instead of posting our thoughts and then having you ask us questions after the fact, we thought we'd let you ask them while we have the product still whizzing through the CNET test labs.

Nokia N900
The Nokia N900 is in the CNET

This week we have Nokia's upcoming smartphone, the N900. People familiar to Nokia handsets and its Symbian operating systems will be surprised to find the Finns deviating from the traditional game plan. The N900 isn't a Symbian-based device, instead it runs on Maemo 5, an open-source system developed by Nokia based on Linux. Using this system comes with a variety of advantages, but it also means having to learn a new way of doing things, and from our experiences so far there is quite a bit to discover.

We'll do our best to guide you through using Maemo and we'll describe the features and performance as we usually do in a full product review, but post any questions you have about the N900 in the comments below and we'll make sure they get answered when the full review is published in the coming days.

Update: The full review for the N900 is live now. Read to the end to find the answers to the questions posted.