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In the labs: Google Nexus One

Google's Nexus One is in the CNET Australia testing labs now. If you have any burning questions jump inside and let us know.

Google's Nexus One is the most talked about smartphone of the year so far, and is also the newest addition to the CNET Australia testing labs.

Google Nexus One
Want to know anything specific about the Nexus One? Now's the time to ask! (Credit: Google)

This handset is a mobile milestone, as it introduces Google to the fiercely competitive world of mobile handset manufacture. Our initial impressions of the Nexus One so far are good, the handset seems extremely well built and it's a lot more attractive in person than the photos on the web had us believe. Plus its AMOLED display is a real stunner.

Rest assured, we'll be giving the Google-designed-HTC-built handset a thorough working over by running performance tests, examining battery life, assessing call quality, etc. But if you have any specific questions about what the Nexus One does, what it is capable of, or parts of the phone that might be lacking, leave us a comment below and we'll include them in the final review.