In the Box

Opening up the Palm Pre's arrival box.

Matthew Carruth
2 min read

Packing peanuts.
Packing peanuts. Matthew Carruth\CNET
It is time to open up the box. Right away I am annoyed. I hate these packing peanuts. They stick to everything and are nowhere near as fun as bubble wrap. Also, not that plastic bubble wrap is all that good, but are these Styrofoam peanuts environmentally friendly at all? Unless they have made them biodegradable recently, it seems like they would not be. The other infuriating aspect is that because the peanuts are opaque, I am forced to dig through the whole box making sure there are not any other things in the box. Inevitably, peanuts end up in places I do not wish them to be.

Palm Pre box, top down
Palm Pre box Matthew Carruth\CNET
Palm Pre box, side
Palm Pre box, side Matthew Carruth\CNET
Moving on, after some careful navigation around the pesky peanuts, I managed to dig out the actual Palm Pre box, shown here from the top and the side. It is a nifty looking box, well put together with form fitting cardboard that just lends a nice modern and sleek feel to the whole package.

Opening the box up and unpacking everything yielded this assortment of a variety of small little pamphlets and a notable lack of any large manual. Instead, there is one accordion panel of glossy photos pointing out quick how-to's on most of the essential functions for getting the phone up and running. As someone who lacks the patience to go digging through bulky manuals, I appreciated that quite a bit.

Palm Pre Box, contents
Palm Pre Box, contents Matthew Carruth\CNET
The little cloth carrying case/cover for the Pre is pretty handy for a throw in accessory and does a decent job of acting like a smudge remover.

Ear buds
Ear buds Matthew Carruth\CNET
Among the other usual fanfare, charger and such, were some ear buds to be used with the phone. I appreciate the free ones, and based on some initial tests, they seem far superior to the ones given out by Apple with their iPods and such, but is there anyone else that dislikes ear buds like I do? Maybe it is because they just do not seem to work for me, they never stay in my ear if I bother to jostle them in even the slightest possible manner, but I really prefer the wrap over type of ear phones.