In praise of the Razer Phone 2's wireless charger

Its rainbow lights make me incredibly happy.

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Patrick Holland
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Razer's $99 wireless charging dock puts on a light show every time you charge your phone.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Every now and then, a gadget can connect with you on a level that goes beyond specs and features. The Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch , for example, snap when I dock it, and I derive an immense amount of joy from this every time I do it.

Razer's wireless charger base accessory for its Razer Phone 2 gives similar satisfaction. It's delightful seeing it launch a rainbow light chase whenever I charge my phone on it. Fellow CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt shot this video of it charging her phone:

There are many, perhaps too many, devices that light up. But what strikes me about Razer's wireless dock is that it does so in such a frivolous way, unlike the gaudy lights of a gaming PC rig. The lights on gaming PCs are often ridiculously over-the-top, while the charging base is subtler, more tasteful. It's like the difference between hanging a single strand of Christmas lights along the gutter of your roof versus Clark Griswold's massive light display in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Granted, I wouldn't want this dock in my bedroom, but on my work desk it provides endless utility and gratification.

The dock can fold down flat or be angled up. Since the base station supports the Qi charging standard, it works with many types of phones , including the iPhone XS , Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9 -- but weirdly only in landscape orientation. Seeing the Razer Phone 2 docked vertically really looks badass.

The dock's base glows green when your phone is fully charged or red if you didn't position it properly. You can even control the way the lights breathe or pulsate with your Razer Phone 2. But it's the Rainbow Road from Mario Kart light show that gets me every time.

There are more affordable wireless charging docks of course, but at $99 the Razer Phone 2 wireless dock is worth every penny to me. If you have a Razer Phone 2, it's a must-have.

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