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iLuv i9200: Four CDs, two speakers and an iPod

iLuv's i9200 is an iPod-ready audio system complete with detachable speakers and a four-CD changer. It's good looking, but do we really need four CDs when we've got an iPod?

Listen up, Cravetown. It's Monday and we've got a big ol' audio system for you. It's iLuv's i9200 iPod-ready hi-fi with four front-mounted CD players, not to mention some sexy detachable speakers and an AM/FM radio.

This formidable jet-black contraption will sit in your luxurious penthouse apartment on Canary Wharf, oozing both music and style.

Although we've got one in the house at the moment, we've not had a chance to play with it in full, so sound quality -- the crucial aspect, naturally -- will be judged in due course.

What we're a little confused by is that an iPod will hold hundreds upon hundreds of albums, so why bother with four CD changers? True, people often bring CDs to house parties, but these days more and more people will be bringing MP3 players and iPods instead. That said, since the i9200 plays MP3s stored on data CDs, four of your boho guests' MP3 collections could be thrown into the mix.

The iLuv i9200 is on sale now for £164.99. You can expect a full review here on soon. -Nate Lanxon