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iHome intros budget line of Android accessories

"The size of the worldwide Android audience and lack of current speaker options gives us a significant opportunity to introduce our products to a new group of consumers," says Evan Stein, iHome's director of marketing.

The iHome iC50 FM clock radio and speaker dock retails for $59.99.

A lot of CNET readers like to complain that we cover too many Apple accessories and not enough Android ones. Well, the truth is there just aren't nearly as many accessories out there marketed toward Android users.

But iHome, after specializing for years in iPhone/iPod docks, is jumping on the Android bandwagon with a new line of budget-priced Android accessories.

Priced at less than $60, the number of products is rather limited at launch, but will obviously grow over time.

Featured items on iHome's site include the iC50, a $59.99 alarm clock radio dock, and the iC3, a $39.99 charging dock for Android tablets and smartphones that includes a speaker and doubles as a stand.

Naturally, any of iHome's Bluetooth accessories will work with Android devices, but these products are being branded as true Android accessories.

The iHome iC50 and iC3 are available now and this summer the company will release a third product in the line, the $59.99 iC16, a compact portable alarm clock stereo speaker with USB charging.

The iHome iC3 is a $39.99 speaker dock that works with both Android smartphones and tablets. iHome