Ice Cream Sandwich leaks indicate a real treat

We may have to wait a little longer until we get our first official glimpse of Android 4.0, but that doesn't mean we have a taste or two of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich pulls from all previous versions of Android, including Honeycomb.

We may have to wait a few more days (or is it weeks?) until we get to see our first official glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich, but that doesn't mean we can't take a peek in the meantime. Android lovers were treated to a number of leaks today, which provide a clear look at the next release of Android, including screenshots, video, and apps.

A number of images showing the basic aesthetics of Ice Cream Sandwich appear to confirm the influence of Honeycomb's navigation and layout. Starting with the unlock screen, it's obvious that this version of Android is not going to be a minor upgrade.

The process for adding icons and widgets, for example, should be nearly identical to the process found on most of today's Android tablets. What's more, the experience shouldn't be diminished by a smaller screen size. Some readers will notice that the launcher and navigation buttons closely resemble the leaked video from last week, lending credibility to the admittedly strange set of occurrences.

A video of the purported Galaxy Nexus gives us a basic look at how things will work, including adding widgets and accessing applications. Although there's a definite 3.0 presence to the experience, new and longtime Android users should have no problem adapting to the interface.

On a related note, the chaps at Android Police have stumbled upon Google+ 2.0 and Music 4.0 apps that support the Ice Cream Sandwich experience. Each title has its own set of changes, some of which may go unnoticed by casual users.

Hard-core Android enthusiasts will recognize that the Music app shows a much cleaner experience, with modified options and controls, less obtrusive buttons, and the ability to rate music with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Presumably this last item will tie into the Google Music cloud experience that learns your preferences and queues up more of what you want to hear and less of the other stuff.

Finally we come to a minor video, although it's still something that diehards always seem to find interesting: the boot sequence. A member of MyDroidWorld has posted what looks to be the new boot-up animation for Ice Cream Sandwich, which looks nothing like its predecessors.

Depending on how long we have to wait before Samsung and Google take the stage together--Samsung's Galaxy Nexus launch scheduled for CTIA has been delayed--we could find ourselves looking at a number of increasingly bigger leaks.

Until then, I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are for Ice Cream Sandwich. Based on what you've been able to see so far, how do you like Android 4.0? Is this enough for you to consider a Galaxy Nexus?