Huawei's P40 Pro phone launch event to take place in Paris on March 26

The Chinese phone giant will head to the French capital to launch its latest flagship phone series.

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The P30 was last year's Huawei flagship.


Update, March 26: The Huawei P40, P40 Pro and the P40 Pro Plus​ have now officially been launched. Read our first take here​.

MWC might have been canceled due to coronavirus, but Chinese tech behemoth Huawei pressed ahead with its Barcelona event regardless on Monday. Along with a slew of products, Huawei used the keynote as an opportunity to announce its upcoming event in Paris on March 26, where it will announce the P40 and P40 Pro.

The flagship P40 series will serve as the successor to last year's P30 series, which blew us away with its impressive camera setup. 

Just as with last year's Mate 30, the P40 won't have full Google support or access to the Google Play Store, due to sanctions against Huawei by the US government. (Here's a full timeline of Huawei's spat with the US.) Instead apps must be downloaded from Huawei's AppGallery, ahead of the launch of a rumored Google Play Store challenger that Huawei is working on together with fellow Chinese companies, Xiaomi , Vivo and Oppo .

There's still plenty to get excited about in the meantime. Even though we are still a full month away from the event at this stage, rumors have been flying about what we can expect to see from the P40 and P40 Pro. So far they include:

  • A 10x optical zoom camera
  • A 52mp Sony camera sensor
  • 5G support
  • Five different color options

We'll be reporting live from the event in Paris, bringing you the news and our first impressions of the new phones .

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