Huawei's LTE rides the ultra-fast rails

Company demonstrates its Long Term Evolution mobile broadband on a Chinese train traveling around 265mph.

ZDNet Australia staff Special to CNET News

Representatives from network gear supplier Huawei demonstrated last week the company's Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband running on the super-fast "maglev" train.

The train runs on a magnetic levitation track that stretches for about 19 miles from the center of the Shanghai district of Pudong, China, out to Pudong International Airport. The train reaches a maximum speed about 267 miles per hour and a trip from end to end takes about seven minutes and 20 seconds.

Huawei said the LTE network installed along the track will give passengers maximum uplink speeds of 50Mbps with a 99.5 percent successful handover rate between cells.

As the train began to depart, the connection to the LTE network maintained an average speed of around 46Mbps. As the train reached its maximum speed the connection was maintained with very few drop-outs. However, as another train passed by, there was a drop-out during the demonstration.

Josh Taylor reported for ZDNet Australia.

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