Huawei to spend $600m on 5G research

Huawei has promised a sizable amount of funding for the next generation of mobile network technology, but just what that involves remains unclear.

Jo Best Special to CNET News.com

With 4G only now starting to become commonplace, Huawei already has its eye on what comes next.

The company announced on Wednesday that it is pouring $600m into 5G research over the next five years, ahead of the expected launch of 5G networks in 2020.

There's no concrete specification for 5G from the telecom standards bodies yet; the term is generally used as a catchall for what's expected to succeed today's 4G LTE networks. For its part, Huawei describes 5G networks as being able to deliver peak data rates of 10Gbps, or around 10 times faster than most 4G connections today.

The $600m research will be used for "a range of key enabling technologies, including the research of air-interface technology," the company said, but it could not provide more details on which other enabling technologies would be a focus of its research or how the money would be spent.

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