Huawei rumored as Google's next Nexus partner

In an unprecedented move, Google may tap the Chinese hardware manufacturer for its next-gen smartphone.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

Huawei's name is thrown in the hat for the next-gen Nexus smartphone. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Google could turn to Huawei for an upcoming Nexus device, or so says Kevin Yang, director of China research at iSuppli.

According to Yang, Google has already signed the deal with Huawei to collaborate on the next version of the pure Android smartphone.

The move, if true, would be a first for Google, as it has yet to employ a Chinese manufacturer for the Nexus family (Samsung, HTC and LG have made previous Nexus models).

In an interview with The Verge posted yesterday from Mobile World Congress, Huawei CEO Richard Yu hinted that his company was hoping to use Google to expand its presence in the US market. Certainly, merging high-end hardware with the latest Android OS into the next Nexus could help the company accomplish that.

It's worth noting that there's likely 6 to 8 months before there's any real noise around the next Nexus. In other words, we're only just getting started with this one.