Huawei membership restored by SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance

The tech standards organizations cut ties with the Chinese phone maker last week.

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Huawei seems to have gotten back into a pair of US groups.

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Two tech standards groups that severed ties with Huawei apparently changed their minds pretty quickly.

The Wi-Fi Alliance and SD Association last week apparently restricted and removed the embattled Chinese phone maker respectively, but Huawei reappeared on both organizations' list of members this week.

The Wi-Fi Alliance promotes and certifies Wi-Fi technology, and the SD Association sets the industry standards for SD memory cards. Losing its membership didn't prevent Huawei from using these technologies, but silenced its voice in developing standards in future.

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"Huawei's membership was never cancelled, it has been temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of Commerce Order," a spokesperson for the SD Association said in an emailed statement. "The name was missing from our website earlier due to a technical issue."

This sentiment was echoed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which said via email that Huawei's membership "was not revoked." Huawei's participation in specific activities was "temporarily restricted" to comply with the Commerce Department's order, it said.

The company was also restored by JEDEC, which oversees semiconductors, and the Bluetooth standards groupCNET Espanol noted.

The strain in the relations with Huawei came after the Trump administration banned the company from using US-made technology on May 15, following years of allegations that it's linked to the Chinese government. As a result, companies like Google, Qualcomm, Intel and Arm suspended their relations with Huawei.

Neither Huawei, JEDEC nor the Bluetooth standards group immediately responded to requests for comment.

First published May 30 at 3:49 a.m. PT.
Update, May 31 at 1:30 a.m.: Adds Wi-Fi Alliance statement.

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