Can't wait for Samsung's Note 8? The Mate 9 is coming to the US with Amazon Alexa

The first smartphone to include Amazon's voice assistant has a huge screen and goes on sale January 6.

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Huawei's answer to the now-burned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the huge, 5.9-inch Huawei Mate 9 -- and it's coming to the US starting January 6.

Originally sold in Europe and Asia, the Mate 9's biggest claims to fame (apart from its enormous screen) are its two-camera setup, its 4,000mAh battery and the promise that its software won't lag for up to 18 months -- an annoyance that befalls most smartphones.

The phone will also gain access to the Amazon Echo's Alexa voice assistant, a first for phones. That means you'll be able to ask for basics with your voice, like setting an alarm and getting a weather report. Further, you can set up Alexa to control other smart devices -- details are pretty scant right now, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

The Mate 9 will sell for $600 -- in grey and silver -- from Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and B&H. Read CNET's full Mate 9 review for all the phone's highs and lows.